Terms & Conditions

By submitting your entry forms you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions set by Illustrators Australia (IA), you must tick the box to proceed on the registration page.

Entry requirements

The IA Awards are open to Australian and New Zealand residents only. You do not need to be a member of IA to enter.

Entries must have been published no earlier than Jan 2016, and no later than September 2018, or in the case of ‘Unpublished’ work, have been created no earlier than Jan 2016. Entries may be published locally or internationally.

IA reserves the right to disqualify any entries that do not meet this criteria.


All winning entrants will have their high resolution Image featured in our printed 2019 edition of the IA Resource Book (‘IA Resource Book’), which will be mailed out to our industry list, which includes art directors, studios, advertising agencies, designers, publishers, and any other companies/individuals that commission illustration. The award winning entries will be featured in the first part of the IA Resource Book giving the winning entrants optimum coverage. Contact details of the winning entrants will be printed as well and the Brief will appear alongside the Image. All winning images will also be featured in low-resolution on the IA website in a special awards gallery. All winning entrants will receive a certificate and a free IA Resource Book.

The Awards winners will be announced mid-late October after judging, via our social media channels, and winners will also be contacted via email.

Anonymity for judging

Please ensure your Image does not identify you where ever possible – i.e signatures/names should be edited or blacked out. This is to ensure anonymity in the entries, so that entries are judged on their own merit and not any particular person’s name. IA reserves the right to black out any identifying signatures/names on the Image if this has not already been done prior to closure of the entry date.


All entrants retain all copyright and ownership of their artwork. All entrants grant IA a non-exclusive right to:

  1. use their low resolution images for the non-commercial purposes of promotion of the IA Awards and the IA Resource Book, on the IA website and on IA’s social media channels in *perpetuity; and
  2. publish the Brief alongside any reproduction of the Image.

*Rights granted are ongoing, as the IA Awards gallery on its website will be available continuously on the IA website for viewing and most images on IA’s social media channels are only likely to be posted only a few times over the life of the relevant Awards but may remain available on the internet.

In addition, all winning entrants grant IA the right to:

  1. reproduce their high-resolution images in print copies of the IA Resource Book for a 2 year period which covers one print run of maximum 1200 copies of the IA Resource Book. Permission to reproduce further print runs will be negotiated with the winners.

All entrants will be attributed in all reproductions of their Images. No cropping or alterations will be made to the Images unless necessary for the printed IA Resource Book in which case the changes would be reasonable for this purpose, and the entrant's permission would be sought prior.

All entrants confirm that their submitted artwork is their own original work and does not breach any rights of the third parties.

Refund Policy

All entry submissions are final and entry fees are non-refundable.


Our esteemed judges have been asked to judge the Awards using their extensive experience and dedication in their field. The Judge line up is a combination of Australian and International illustrators, art directors, animators, publishers and designers. The criteria will be for the judges to use their own creative flare and knowledge to choose the image that stands out to them as the very best in each category, answering the questions of whether it answers the Brief and the professionalism of image resulting in a Gold winner, they will then be able to pick Silver and Highly Commended images from the same categories using the same criteria. ALL images in all categories will be shown as anonymous to the judges via an online gallery only accessible to the judges. ALL Judges’ decisions are final and no discussion will be entered into. Judging will take place in September 2018.