How long have I got to enter the awards?

Entries open 2 July, and close 31 August.

Please note: Entries are now closed.

How do I enter?

To enter, you must first register and get a username and password. You must register even if you entered the previous Awards, as all accounts and data are cleared from the last time.

NB. for IA members - this is not the same as your IA website username/password, as the Awards website is a different website.

Once you have registered, you will be able to upload your image(s) and fill in the details for each entry. Once you are happy with your entrie(s), you can then pay for your entrie(s). You can re-upload your images and make modifications up until the close of entries, even if you have already made a payment.

Follow the steps for entering here.

How do I log back in?

Once you have registered, if you have logged out of your account and want to log back in, you can do it here. You can also reset your password from the same page.

Who can enter?

The IA Awards are open to Australian and New Zealand residents only. You do not need to be a member of IA to enter. If you are an IA member, please enter your IA member number on the registration form to get the discounted entry fee.

What can I enter?

Entries (images or motion/animation) must have been published no earlier than Jan 2016, and no later than September 2018, or in the case of ‘Unpublished’ work, have been created no earlier than Jan 2016. Entries may be published locally or internationally.

You can enter just a single - one image/motion/animation; or you can enter a series - ie multiple images/motions/animations that are related to each other.

You can enter more than one single, and more than one series, but you have to pay a fee for each type of entry.

What categories are there?

The categories you can enter are found here.

What format/size do my image(s) need to be in?

Single digital files must be saved as RGB, JPG format, low res at 72 dpi, max A4 size (210mm X 297mm, portrait or landscape ie: 600px wide by 850px height)
Series digital files must be saved as RGB, JPG format, low res at 72 dpi, on an A4 page (210mm X 297mm, portrait or landscape ie: 600px wide by 850px height), put all the images for that series onto one A4 page - max 4 images per series).

Motion/Animation Entries: Please include the 'URL' of where the animation is hosted (ie. a Youtube or Vimeo link, rather than on your website/social media page). 1-4 Stills are to be uploaded via the entry form (RGB, JPG format, low res at 72 dpi, on an A4 page (210mm X 297mm, portrait or landscape ie: 600px wide by 850px height), put all the images onto one A4 page - max 4 images). One animation = single entry, multiple related animations = series entry.

Site Specific: This can be a shot of the entire work, or a composite of several images into the one file. One image = single entry, multiple images = series entry.

Why does my entry image have to be anonymous?

Your entry needs to be free of anything that identifies you wherever possible - signatures/names should be edited or blacked out. This is to ensure anonymity in the entries, so that entries are judged on their own merit and not on any particular person’s name.

IA reserves the right to edit/black out signatures/names if this is not done prior to close of entries.

What does it cost?

Fees are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST.

IA Members:

  • Single entry: $40/entry
  • Series entry: $65/entry
  • Animation (Single): $65/entry
  • Animation (Series): $85/entry

Non IA members:

  • Single entry: $65/entry
  • Series entry: $85/entry
  • Animation (Single): $100/entry
  • Animation (Series): $125/entry

How do I pay?

Via this payment link. You must be logged in to make the payment. You will receive a receipt via email once you have made your payment.

Only pay once you have finalised your entrie(s). Entries are only accepted upon payment.

What do I win?

Lots of kudos and bragging rights! But if that's not enough for you:

All winning entrants will have their high resolution Image featured in our printed 2019 edition of the IA Resource Book, which will be mailed out to our industry list, which includes art directors, studios, advertising agencies, designers, publishers, and any other companies/individuals that commission illustration. Your winning entrie(s) and your contact details will be featured in the first part of the IA Resource Book thus giving you optimum coverage.

Your winning entrie(s) will also be featured in low-resolution on the IA website in a special awards gallery forever (well a very long time anyway).

You will also get a certificate of recognition and a free copy of the IA Resource Book.

When are the winners announced?

The Awards winners will be announced mid-late October after judging, via our social media channels, and winners will also be contacted via email.

What does a winning entry look like?

Some of the past awards winners can be seen here.

Who are the judges?

Our esteemed judges have been asked to judge the Awards using their extensive experience and dedication in their field. The Judge line up is a combination of Australian and International illustrators, art directors, animators, publishers and designers.

Have more questions or need help?

Elena Leong/Awards Coordinator

Email: awards@illustratorsaustralia.com

Kath Dolan/IA Office Manager

0478 080 200 (within Australia) +61 478 080 200 (international)
​Email: office@illustratorsaustralia.com