Your entry (single or series) must fall into one of these categories. You can enter as many categories as you like, but you cannot put the same entry in more one category.

Commissioned illustration advertising products in any printed media, television, point of sale, or digital media.

Commissioned illustration for the over 16 market, incl. book covers, graphic novels, text books, inside illustrations, zines and ebooks.

Children's Books
Commissioned illustration for the under 16 market, incl. picture/board books, book covers, graphic novels, text books, inside illustrations, zines ebooks

Design and Packaging
Commissioned illustration for fashion, packaging, branding, logos, greeting cards, stationery, calendars, illustrated textile/surface design, typography, interactive media covers/CD/DVDs.

Commissioned illustration pertaining to journalism, comment, reporting, current affairs, political satire, cartoons, news communication, in printed or digital media.

Comissioned work created for use within an organisation eg Govt/Health/Educ, in-house publications.

Commissioned illustration for posters, books and brochures etc used for communicating knowledge or explaining information or data.

This category is for work in formats not covered by the other categories, such as apps, virtual reality, video, commercial animation for web and advertising, other interactive works.

The illustration ONLY component of the work can be entered. A 'URL' link and 'still' production frames are required for entry.

Site Specific

Commissioned illustration for murals, installations, wall drawings, interventions, public commissions, architectural commissions, graffiti and street art.

Illustration for self promotion, exhibition, unpublished and yet to be published work. Can be commissioned or uncommissioned work.